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That, on each successful financial transaction made by the member, a separate unique code will be generated in the account of member which will be eligible for scheme of  MRPBACK offer.

That, MRPBACK offer means that on achieving successful business turnover/transaction by MRPBACK at the end of each month, the MRPBACK will reimburse only the price(MRP- maximum retail price) paid for product which buyer paid to us not the all applicable taxes, transportation charges, courier/shipping charges and other incidental cost. We reimburse only to those buyers who are eligible as per our offer at the end of the month. Those who are not eligible in current month will be spilled to next consecutive month.

The buyer have to provide at least five (5) new other buyers with successful product purchasing transaction for being eligible for MRPBACK offer.

Referral payment is also purely depends upon business turnover/transaction of MRPBACK.

MRPBACK not declares nor committed and liable for permanent and fix payable fees/commission as this scheme is strictly based on turnover of business turnover/transaction of   MRPBACK.

 That, at the beginning of each and every month, MRPBACK will declare achievable target turnover for that given month. Cancelled/return/replaced order is not the part of business transaction of given month, subject to settled issue. After settlement the same will be count in next consecutive month.

That, eligible and qualified member means the person should be member of MRPBACK and also made successful financial transaction in that given month immediately after the has achieved the declared turnover for that month.

That, to fix the Turnover limit for particular month is purely and exclusive within the domain of MRPBACK and have only legal right to fix the limit of turnover for particular month.

That, it is also made clear that mere enrollment will not entitle the member to be eligible for this scheme. A member should make successful financial transaction in the given month for qualifying for the turnover scheme of that month and further ahead.

That, in case, the qualified and eligible member misses or fails to claim the scheme within time schedule, such member name automatically lapses and transfer automatically to next eligible and qualified member.

  That, the period of claim for such scheme should be made within 7 (seven) days from the listing of name on the website of MRPBACK and the claim conditions of Referral Fees is exactly applicable in this case also. Note: We have reserved right for any post changes in this offer .